Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Osage City train bridge

Traveled out to Osage City, Missouri to take some photos of trains crossing the bridge over the Osage River at sunset for a Rural Missouri story on train traveling. Shot from an abandoned grain elevator about 80 feet off the ground. Then headed along the tracks to shoot the trains as they passed by at sunset. Was lucky to get a freight train and an Amtrak to come through at very nice light. Will be traveling on the trains back and forth between Kansas City and St. Louis next week. Enjoy!


夏德爾 said...

I come from Taiwan, not good at English, but I love the photo you took, it's so beautiful. And I want to ask that could I use the 6th pictures?

I wrote a poem in Chinese, called " cardboard train", your photo is the best picture for this poem. (unfortunately I'm not good enough to translate the poem into English.)

And, this poem will be published at an electronic magazine in Taiwan.(no pay) Actually I will make it little bit different by Illustrator, maybe it would become a logo , an icon or a little block of picture. If you can allow me to use this picture, I would be grateful ! thanks for reading my poor English!

by shadow.

Unknown said...

I would appreciate if you didn't use it because of no pay. My photography business is how I pay my bills and put food on the table for my family.

Thanks for your interest though!

夏德爾 said...

ok! I see!