Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ice on the Missouri River Sunset | Easley, MO

We have been dealing with quite a cold winter this year in central Missouri. With cold comes some unique shooting opportunities though. I know that the prolonged cold would be having an effect on the Missouri River by creating pancake ice. This is a really cool effect that can add a lot more to an image of a cold river. With basically having icebergs floating down the Big Muddy, you can't help but make a great picture.

Winter also seems to have great sunsets. Something with the loss of humidity or colder temperatures can create more dramatic light in the sky. This evening was no different with some great color.

I chose to shoot at this location because for one, it is easily accessible. This spot is only about 10-14 miles southwest of Columbia and is a simple drive down 63 and 163 to Easley. Two, there is a nice bend in the river at this spot that actually bends to the southwest, making it perfect for sunsets.

This is just another perfect example of just getting out there and braving the elements to get a cool shot.