Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bighorn Sheep Mom and Juvenile | Mt. Evans, Colorado

In August, I was lucky enough to get hired for a commercial shoot out in Denver. I was only out West for 3 days, but was able to get out in the mountains one morning. So I decided to take a drive up Mt. Evans. If you have visited Denver and looking for a quick route to get up in the mountains, I believe this is the drive. From downtown, it was only an hour or more to the summit of the 14,265-foot peak. The road pretty much takes you up to summit, and after a short hike, you are at the top of Mt. Evans with a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. 

It is billed as "America's Highest Paved Road in North America" and needs to be on your list of visits. It is a summer drive and as of right now, the top 5 miles to the summit are already closed. For more information, visit

Along the drive there are countless vistas and beautiful scenery to take in, but an extra bonus is the abundance of wildlife. I got lucky to spot a nice herd of bighorn sheep right off the road. I really like this series with the mom and juvenile.