Friday, December 27, 2013

Gans Creek Wild Area | Columbia, MO

During a recent small snowstorm Missouri received in December, I headed out to the nearby Rock Bridge State Park and hiked the Gans Creek Wild Area section. This area of the park doesn't get the traffic like the Devil's Icebox trail, so it makes it perfect for a secluded hike.

The system of trails is long enough to spend a whole day out there hiking and the beauty is the reward. Gans Creek winds through the landscape, carving numerous steep cliffs and yielding interesting geology.

Although I have hiked the area quite a bit, this hike was great because I was able to get out after a fresh snow before anyone else did. The overcast day didnt give me much dynamic light, but was still a beautiful Missouri landscape to be out in.

In my opinion, winter/fall is the best time of the year to be out in the woods. The lack of foliage allows you to see through the forest and opens up vistas and vantage points. But it also makes it trickier to shoot. You really have to work a scene more to get a great result.


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