Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cowboy Mounted Shootin Competition - I-70 Shootout - Ashland, Missouri

Had the awesome opportunity to shoot a mounted cowboy shooting competition in Ashland over the weekend for my next spread for the July issue of Rural Missouri.

Thoroughly enjoyed the competition and would like to thank everyone from the three clubs that put on the show.

Amazing people, amazing competition!

Visit their sites to find out any events coming up.
-Missouri Big Irons - www.mobigirons.net
-Missouri Mounted Shooters - www.missourimountedshooters.com
-Missouri Rawhide Mounted Shooters - www.missourirawhidemountedshooters.com
-Show-Me Mounted Shooters - www.showmemountedshooters.com

You gotta check this stuff out!


Anonymous said...

Kyle, I wanted to say thank you again for coming out and hanging with us in the heat. These pictures are awesome and really do capture a lot of what we love about our horses and the cowboy way.
Benjiumen Denney and Sonny

Annie said...

You are an amazing photographer and it was a pleasure meeting you Saturday evening during the pot luck. I wish you good luck and will check your blog often, as you have an incredible talent for capturing not just a snap shot but the emotion and realism behind the subject as well. Beautiful work!
LeAnn Bullard