Sunday, February 21, 2010


A collection of images from a day of shooting at Shaw Nature Reserve south of St. Louis. The 2,500 acre property has a lot to offer from prairies to forests to wetlands. During a whole day of hiking and trekking around the property the success of the day came down to a few moments.

The first image of the sod house was a luck timing of the sun peeking out of the clouds. With photography half of everything is luck...the other half preparation.

The next shot was a moment of luck. I dropped my lens cap then happened to look over to see a chipmunk peering out of the log next to me. I had a moment to snap a few shots before the little guy scampered off.

The third image again. A moment. Rarely does nature provide us with a perfect composition but the way the branches filled in with each other it was a moment that couldn't be resisted.

Photography creates moments. A moment of time that usually will never be repeated. In the age of video and multimedia, it is still nice to find those decisive moments. Enjoy!

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