Friday, February 13, 2009

critter control

I followed around Peter Riney Tuesday afternoon and made some pictures. Im hoping to go out with him again soon as he continues his quest to rid of unwanted critters.

Peter looks upon the job at hand - trying to capture raccoons that have been getting into the Columbia Performing Arts Center.
Peter places marshmallows near the dumpster of the building to lure the raccoons near his trap. 
In addition to marshmallows, Peter uses chunks of tuna inside the trap and around the trap to lure in the unwanted pests.  
Walking along the rooftop of the building, Peter inspects areas along the trim where the critters have been getting inside.  "In late winter and early spring is when we see lots of raccoons finding ways to get into buildings in search of a place to raise their babies away from the elements and potential predators," Peter said.
The strong stench and the lure of a free meal from the mallows and tuna bring not only the desired pests but all animals.  Peter did not catch any raccoons this day but an european starling did make it into the trap.

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